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Malaysian Real Estate

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The Kuantan Tembeling Resort 1 bedroom apartment has been leased out for a year starting February 2005.

I will update you if the situation's change.

The Sinaran Ukay Condominium has been SOLD!!!

Serious buyers may still contact me to see if there are other units available? It's tough getting hold of owners missing in action but who knows? 

We might just get lucky, eh?

For those who want to make a site visit, I suggest contacting me to make necessary arrangements.

This condo is prime property and whomsoever gets to purchase this place is going to enjoy serene fresh mountain atmosphere amidst flora and fauna all year long.

My policy is simple, first one to pay the deposit is the one to get the condo.

Can you afford to wait?

Once again, the number to call is 6-016-3969881 and you are being served by Haji Zainol Abideen.